Jun 20th, 2006 by ravi
Von Hoffman on Larry Summers

Von Hoffman gives it to Larry Summers, in the New York Observer. I quote the juicy bit, but read the rest at the link for a pretty decent analysis of Summers' nonsense:

NYU Stern: NYO: Beyond the Gender Issue, What’s the Deal at Harvard?


So does this pointless blather make Larry Summers an idiot? No, it makes him an economist, which is not quite the same thing. Mr. Summers, of course, has won himself a reputation as a barbarian—that is, one who is both ignorant of and incapable of enjoying what the humanities have to offer—but he is a smart barbarian, and a thoughtful one. Although a lot of people are furious with him, we are not looking at a bad man, only a wild man, backed to the hilt by powerful interests—a man who should be listened to, if only for our own self-protection.


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