Sep 1st, 2010 by ravi
PETA | The Faces of Animal Testing

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  • divya says:

    makes you agree with the rants of the discovery bldg bomber – humans are scum and should be wiped out.
    ofcourse he was shown mercy and allowed to die w/o suffering, something these poor animals cannot be allowed to do.

    • ravi says:

      Even if one feels no moral compassion for animals, what is amazing is that in light of research that consistently shows that animal cruelty correlates with sociopathic behaviour, society does not pay more attention to its own ability to do this sort of violence to animals. A human being who is able to do this, even under the guide of “life-saving medical research” (by which of course is meant “human life”), has to be sick and a society that encourages and supports these actions has to be fundamentally morally flawed.

      What is ironic is that those working on animal liberation — who take great care to not harm humans when they carry out rescue or equivalent operations — are labelled “terrorists” by the government, whereas this sort of wholescale terrorism against animals is not merely condoned but celebrated (“research”).

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