Feb 3rd, 2006 by ravi
  1. What is an F.A.Q?

    Its a list of frequently asked questions, and some attempts at answering them. It used to be that the list was derived from questions that were indeed frequently asked, typically on Usenet newsgroups. These days, corporate and popular websites use this as a list of questions that they wish you had asked them ;-). In my case, since there are no frequent visitors (see below) this is just a list of questions published here for the same reason as the site itself (see question below).

  2. Why is this called Plato's Beard?

    A recent survey of the most sought after audience, teens aged 15-19, found that Plato was the one person most mentioned as an influence or role model. One clear way to attract these precious eyeballs is to insinuate some content alignment with the great man.Also, there is the old bit from Quine about the problem of what exists, and the range of ideas and entities that are suggested in response (which Quine refers to as Plato's beard, which, he adds, often dulls Ockham's razor). Western philosophy has been so dominated (IMHO) by Plato's own creations, that their entanglement in his beard blinds them to the real diversity of the real world (read Paul Feyerabend's Conquest of Abundance). Its time to apply something other than Ockham's Razor to Plato's Beard. What better than a stream of consciousness blog about everything under the sun?

  3. Who reads this blog?

    As far as I know, nobody, at least not regularly. Well, there's you. Which puts me in the 96th percentile of all blogs, an envious place to be, yes?

  4. Not even your family and friends?

    No — they get enough of my rants in person and their sense of charity towards me is probably stretched pretty thin.

  5. Then why write this blog?

    Huh? Is that a trick question? Why do most people write blogs? Its an exercise in self-aggrandization and ego-stoking. Plus WordPress has some really nice themes.

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