Nov 14th, 2006 by ravi
Old and bloated!

Slashdot has a post today on the Web turning 16, which links to W3C’s history of the web page. Back in 1994 or 1995, shortly after my site was listed in a top 100 list (I think PC Computing Magazine?) some guy contacted me with a bit of interesting info: according to his records, my CERN HTTPD server was among the first 250 sites (I forget how he calculated that — perhaps based on the old Yahoo index?). Reading through the W3C history page I see:


January: Around 50 known HTTP servers.
October: Over 200 known HTTP servers.

I started up my server in early February 1993 and shortly after sent information about it to the WWW mailing lists of the time. Depending on what is meant by “known” above, It seems quite possible that the guy was right about my making the first 250… maybe…

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  • Mick Gregory says:

    Ravi — Is this the famed Ravi from the first “blogs” on SFGate? I’m Spammy. If you remember me, we were just a few of the free market Republicans debating in a sea of socialists. Visit my new blog at

  • ravi says:


    I am quite famous (infamous), depending on whom you ask ;-), but I am probably not the Ravi you know. I have never been a Republican…. free market socialist perhaps!

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