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Links and News [2006.08.25]
  • [BBC] Protests over Survivor ‘tribes’

    Hispanics Across America founder Fernando Mateo called the move an "offensive and cheap trick" to boost ratings.

    "The participants will be held to the daunting and unfair challenge of representing an entire race of people," he said.

    "What will it mean for a team – a race – to fail in a battle of wits and strength against another race?"

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Links and News [2006.08.24]

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Links and News [2006.08.23]

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Links and News [2006.08.22]

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Links and News [2006.08.21]

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Links and News [2006.08.20]

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Links and News [2006.08.19]

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Bookmarks for 2006.08.17

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Bookmarks for 2006-08-15
  • Against Method: Paul Feyerabend

    Using a detailed examination of the history of science, Feyerabend demonstrates the shallowness of the idea of a single well-defined method in scientific activity and knowledge. To Feyerabend, the lack of one (and only one) method is a good thing since a proliferation of techniques increases our store of knowledge.

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Feb 7th, 2006 by ravi
Keeping up with the Joneses: Blogrolls

First you have to publish a blog, but now that’s pretty overdone. You syndicate it through FeedBurner, get yourself on Technorati, throw in Haloscan comments, provide email feeds through FeedBlitz, do tracebacks, pingbacks, and most importantly, join a like-minded blogging posse by setting up a prominent blogroll. The perils of blogroll politics have been explored elsewhere, and here I want to just note down (perhaps mostly for my own later reference, since I am no blogging expert) some ways to maintain your blogroll.

If you are running your own server and use some popular blogging tool like b2evolution or WordPress, you can use their built-in blogroll (or linkblog) capabilities to maintain your set of links to sites your recommend. Popular blog hosts like Blogger and WordPress provide such capabilities too. If you find these things limiting (Blogger, last time I checked required text editing to create a blogroll, and a non-hierarchical non-tagged one at that), there are a few other esoteric techniques: host a blogroll/link-collection elesewhere, and use supplied (by the hosting site) JavaScript or XML-RPC to post your link updates to your site.

  • Blogroll servers

Services like can be used to maintain your blogroll which using HTML/JavaScript can be imported into a section of your blog.

  • Social Bookmarking

A blogroll is not much different from the old bookmarks idea, and social bookmarking (made popular by sites may be one interesting way to maintain your links. Many of these sites provide JavaScript and/or XML-RPC mechanisms to bring your roll into your blog. I particularly like Jots and Blogmarks both of which can post your entries at their site to your blog using XML-RPC or other means. Both services are Blogger/WordPress/Typepad/etc aware. Most interestingly, both provide (similar to, which also supports such export) tagging of links. As is standard these days, they also provide bookmarklets which you can add to your browser to quick link/add pages. As far as I can tell, one problem many of these sites face is that they do not provide a way to do multiple tag (logical AND) searches (for that feature, try Scuttle). Another thing to note is that most of these servers post to your blog (as blog entries) and not to the blogroll within your blog. This may be unsatisfactory.

I use Jots to maintain my links and have it post update as blog entries to the blog category: Bookmarks. Additionally, I provide a link in my Blogroll called Bookmarks pointing to my Jots page. This works fine for me since I am conflating blogrolling with bookmarking. YMMV.

  • Online RSS Aggregators

Yet another option is to use an online aggregator like Bloglines, which you are probably already using to read RSS feeds, and let it export [part of] your feeds list as a blogroll using one of the techniques above.

This is a very cursory sketch of my investigation into the available services, and I hope to flesh it out from my notes when I have additional time.

Also see: Roxomatic provides a great comparison of social bookmarking sites.

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