Dec 11th, 2009 by ravi
You might be a sceptic… but more likely not

These days scepticism is all the rage. There are climate sceptics, 9/11 sceptics, loud-mouthed sceptics (Dawkins), incoherent sceptics (Hitchens), radical sceptics, nihilists, those who spell it with a ‘k’ … the list is large. So here is a flowchart to help you determine where you stand w.r.t the fashion of the day.

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  • Ravi, can you tell me something about yourself? I can’t find anything on this blog. Also, I love the design.

    • ravi says:

      About myself… I initially started this blog to write some amateur philosophical comments from the view point of mathematical logic and analytical philosophy (hence the title of the blog: Plato’s Beard, which is a reference to a quote from W.V.O.Quine). However, almost all my posts have been political and mostly unoriginal content (references to other interesting bits on the Internet). These posts reflect my political leanings: leftist/socialist/Gandhian-humanist.

      I hope this answers your question. Thank you for visiting my site and adding your comments.

    • ravi says:

      Re: the design, thank you. This is a theme that I designed for WordPress.

  • Jon says:

    Mate, nice design. Although, to me, Dawkins doesn’t come off as loud-mouthed. That seems more Hitchens.

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