Oct 5th, 2009 by ravi
Healthcare pathologies

Post-heroic European societies, having paid in blood for violent political movements born of inequality and class struggle, see greater risk in unfettered individualism than in social solidarity. Americans, born in revolt against Europe and so ever defining themselves against the old Continent’s models, mythologize their rugged (always rugged) individualism as the bulwark against initiative-sapping entitlements. We’re not talking about health here. We’re talking about national narratives and mythologies — as well as money. These are things not much susceptible to logic. But in matters of life and death, mythology must cede to reality, profit to wellbeing.

Despite the bizarre use of the word “wise” to describe Andrew Sullivan, this article by Cohen in the NYT is a good read since he nails some important points: the identification of the emotions underlying the opposition to healthcare; the calling out the bogus argument based on incentives; the stress on the moral nature of the issue; the never before seen reference to “big doctors’ salaries”; and the advice to Obama to grow a pair.

The quote from Hayek is an added bonus.

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